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 L.J Tani Pratt

L.J Tani Pratt

Managing Director
M. A. Mech. Sc. (Cantab), C. Eng., P. Eng., FIMMM (UK), FSLIE (Management, Mining, Metallurgy and Civil)

An accomplished Mining, Civil Engineering and Management professional with over 54 years working experience in Sierra Leone and the SADC region. Experienced in mine operations and has managed operational, project and contract management budgets up to US $ 75 million. Was consultant provided by CEMMATS for their contract with Njahili Resources Limited. Duties included work as Chief Operating Officer for the companies mining and exploration operations in Sierra Leone. Was also the consultant provided by CEMMATS for their contract with Africa Resources Limited. Duties included work as Managing Director of the asbestos mines, Head of the Projects Division for the African Resources Group and General Manager of the gold mines.
He is very experienced in project management, engineering design, financial and economic analysis and modelling and has gained significant experience of change management and productivity enhancement projects in mining and power sector operations.

Prior to founding CEMMATS Group was responsible as Manager Production for geology, mine planning, dredging and floating plants production and processing, metallurgy, shipping, marine and advising marketing on the production specifications of the world’s largest alluvial rutile mining operation in this capacity he was responsible Sierra Rutile’s Port and Marine Operation.

Has excellent interpersonal, organisational and analytical skills. Has travelled extensively in the USA, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Australia.

Particularly experienced in the following:
Management of mining and exploration operations with annual operating budget exceeding US$ 100 million. Operations include:
Alluvial Dredging and Processing for the production of Rutile, Ilmenite and Zircon
Alluvial Mining and Processing to produce Diamonds
Underground Mining and Processing for Gold
Underground Mining and Processing for Asbestos
Exploration for Iron Ore, Gold, Diamonds and Rutile
Management of financial and commercial operations with annual turnover of US$ 12.5 million.
Development of strategic business development plans and financial models
Project and contract management of budgets up to US$75 million
Feasibility/Due Diligence studies and project appraisal for Mineral Sands, Gold, Diamonds, Chrome and Nickel
Engineering projects for the design and supervision of the hydrology and civil engineering work required for the dredging of ponds including twenty-one earth dams, three canals and over twenty miles of roads. Project value was US$ 40 million.
Engineering project for the design and supervision of new and upgraded process plants. Valued at US$ 35 million
Engineering project for the design and supervision of the upgraded ore and fuel storage facility for a mineral sands operation. Valued at US$ 2 million
Human resources development, change management, management re-structuring and productivity improvement
Experienced contract negotiator
Tani Pratt is Chairman and member of several Boards of Directors.