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 Andrew K. Keili

Andrew K. Keili

Managing Director
Management, Mining, Metallurgy and Environmental
B.Sc. Hons. (Mining), M.Phil. (Min Studies), (Newcastle Upon Tyne), C. Eng., P.Eng. MIMM 

Mr. Keili is an experienced Engineering professional with over 40 years of professional experience in Sierra Leone, United States of America and Ukraine, especially in the mining industry. He has held several positions of increasing responsibility in private industry, parastatals and consultancy work. He has vast experience in the mining sector of Sierra Leone, having been involved in various operational and policy aspects in general and helped in charting the way forward especially for the diamond sub-sector in order to contribute meaningfully to economic and social development of the country and mining communities.

Mr. Keili has considerable involvement in the formulation and review of miscellaneous government policies. Furthermore, he has substantial experience in Sierra Leone’s Infrastructure sectors and acutely aware of and involved in sustainable development issues for the country. As a member of several bodies dealing with business, development and the environment, intensely aware of the country’s national economic and social development priorities and has had a lot of experience in dealing with donors and NGOs. He has excellent interpersonal, organizational, analytical and writing skills.

Mr. Keili has vast experience in the area of Environmental Services having served as Project Director and Project Manager for all major ESIA (Environmental Social Impact Assessment) projects carried out by CEMMATS. He was the Chief Metallurgist at Sierra Rutile Ltd prior to cessation of operations in 1995 due to the interregnum.