CEMMATS Group Limited

CEMMATS Group Limited is a leading multidisciplinary engineering and project management consultancy firm based in Sierra Leone with extensive experience and knowledge in engineering, environmental and project management services.  We have completed several wide ranging projects and have unrivalled project experience in Sierra Leone.

CEMMATS established as a Limited Liability Company in 1995 is a leading Multidisciplinary Engineering and Project Management consultancy in Sierra Leone and has provided services in the infrastructure and civil engineering areas including work on buildings, roads, dams, marine railway and a jetty and ore loading facility thus enabling it to become one of the fastest growing infrastructure consultancy firms in Sierra Leone. The company also has a practicing certificate issued by the Professional Engineers Registration Council (PERC).

Company Profile


CEMMATS success is built upon an environment that encourages innovative ideas in the field of consultancy services.


CEMMATS is run by a five man Board of Directors made up of four executive directors and one non-executive director. The company has four departments each supervised by an executive director and managed by a senior engineer.



Our team comprises more than 34 engineers and scientists, who have graduated from the leading engineering colleges in Sierra Leone, UK, and USA. 


The executive directors and lead engineers are all members of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers and have annual practicing certificates issued by the Professional Engineers Registration Council (PERC).


The company offers a wide range of consultancy services, particularly in the areas of pre-project advisory services, design engineering, environmental services, project management, construction supervision, energy efficiency, policy and regulatory advisory services and public private partnership.


CEMMATS client lists includes esteemed central and state government ministries and agencies, donor funding agencies, power sector utilities, public sector undertakings and private sector entities including most of the major mining and industrial companies.


CEMMATS has carried out projects in association with several major local and overseas companies, helping to enhance the knowledge base and technical capability of the Company. 


The company has also undertaken engineering projects in Liberia, Nigeria, the Gambia, Zimbabwe and Ukraine


CEMMATS also works in collaboration with several Universities and Industries.


Our company is registered with a number of international funding agencies and organisations such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Union, and the United Nations.


Our business model is focused on delivery of concise, practical and cutting edge solutions to the clients. This results in excellence in delivering highest quality output to the outmost satisfaction of the clients.

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