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 Sidi A. Bakarr

Sidi A. Bakarr

Engineering and Business Development
Consultant Director Engineering and Business Development
B.Eng. (Mech.), MPhil (Energy Studies) FBC, P.Eng., MSLIE

A registered professional engineer with over 40 years of post-graduate experience in mechanical engineering, downstream petroleum operations and an energy practitioner. He has had wide exposure in plant operations, engineering maintenance and planning, petroleum operations and management, energy and infrastructure project development, policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks. Has extensive experience in project management relating to upgrading of existing systems and construction of new systems, planning, design and engineering construction works. He is also particularly experienced in leading and participating in multi-disciplinary project teams and has recently been closely involved in the underlisted projects in the Energy Sector of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources:

Energy Policy and Strategic Plan for Sierra Leone for period 2010- 2025
Draft of Electricity and Water Regulatory Policy for the proposed Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC)
Draft Feed-in Tariff Policy for Independent Power Providers (IPPs)
LPG Development Study to make it accessible to especially the poor and rural dwellers as a means of reducing their dependence on firewood and thereby reduce deforestation.

In addition to the above, his work experience was gained in the following sectors:

Engineering – maintenance of process plants and utilities, design, planning and management
Petroleum – bulk acquisition, shipping, depot operations, marketing and distribution
Infrastructure – elaboration of studies and feasibility studies, project implementation, monitoring and management for mining, energy and petroleum developments
Financial – budgetary planning, control and implementation
Strategy – strategic plan drafting, implementation and benchmarking
Energy – development of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems

His extensive professional related travels leading to acquiring work experience abroad include Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, France, UK, USA, Turkey and West Africa. He negotiated the acquisition of a 1000 metric tons bulk petroleum tanker from Turkey and personally supervised its dry docking for Lloyds certification and subsequent travel to Sierra Leone. He was in charge of the construction of a regional bulk petroleum terminal in Sierra Leone capable of handling a total capacity of 60,000 metric-tons of petroleum products for trans-shipment for a Geneva based petroleum company and also conducted study leading to the design to upgrade an existing liquid petroleum gas facility from its previous handling capacity of 50 to 1000 metric tons.

Has excellent working relationship with decision makers in government departments, statutory and regulatory agencies, parastatals and the Universities. He is presently serving as Board Director in the Boards of Leone Oil Company and the Sierra Leone Ports Authority.