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 CEMMATS Work Trend Amidst Covid19

CEMMATS Work Trend Amidst Covid19

The Covid 19 pandemic has made us adapt to new ways of working. Remote virtual meetings are now the new means of communication, and we now have a range of digital platforms. We have also learnt how effective technology has been for video conferencing and digital collaboration.

With the uncertainties of the crisis, CEMMATS now has a “new normal” in terms of operating. Therefore, a Risk Management Plan (RMP) has been formulated, which entails all identified potential hazards, assessment of associated potential risks, as well as sustainable control measures covering activities to be undertaken in a bid to reduce exposure to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable).

CEMMATS Group Limited has created a healthy and safe working environment for staff members. Changes have been made in the workplace which adheres to all the safety protocols according to the CDC guidelines. According to the CDC guidelines a distance of 6ft/2m must be kept at all times. A proper inspection and survey was done of the whole building and the security post.

The following has been implemented:

  • Adoption of seating capacity to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • Directional signs in hallways/ corridors where the width restricts movement and limits social distancing.
  • Post signage reminding workers, customers, and visitors to maintain at least six feet between one another always.

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