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 ​Vanessa James

​Vanessa James

Mechanical Engineer/Environmental Scientist

MSc Environmental Management, University of Derby.
B.Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, FBC (University of Sierra Leone)

Vanessa James is a Mechanical Engineer with over 6 years working experience working in the downstream Petroleum sector in Sierra Leone with NP (SL) Ltd.

She has sound experience in the handling of petroleum products, including receipt of products from vessel to shore, storage of product in shore tanks and monitoring of their behaviours, distribution of the product to customers via Bulk Road Vehicles and Barges, with all necessary documentation. She has leadership qualities and experience, having headed and coordinated the activities of a workforce of 15 while acting in the capacity of Terminal Superintendent at the NP (SL) Ltd Terminal.

Vanessa is currently employed at CEMMATS Group Limited as Manager, Environmental Department and has been involved in several ESIA projects, contributing to the technical, operational infrastructural aspects. Projects she has been involved in include hydropower, infrastructural development, agricultural development, manufacturing and processing. She has also managed environmental engineering design projects involving the development and implementation of wastewater treatment systems. Vanessa is also involved in project planning and coordination, as well as consolidation, internal review and editing of ESIA documents.